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Statement of purpose Personal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Of direction - Personal Statement Example I accept that if one somehow managed to solicit any from my companions to depict me, the principal thing that would strike a chord is that I am a proactive, dependable and a goal-oriented lady. I have consistently imagined that one of my most distinctive characteristics is the positive vitality in me. I generally attempt to drive things further to receive the best in return. In any event, when in some cases I thought I fizzled, I could just glance at the disappointment as one more opportunity to make things far better. As I would like to think, my kids are what rouses me the most to be like this. Being a mother of five is unquestionably not a simple assignment and requires all the aptitudes on the planet. I trust I am family situated. With this firsthand experience, I regard myself very much fit for the guiding and brain science field. The abilities from my background have allowed me a chance to help individuals who are confronted with different mental issues. I did my undergrad concentrates in sociologies. Be that as it may, I have consistently thought of the executives and authority to be significant in all parts of life. It is significant in little family units as much all things considered in enormous partnerships. My grandma used to state what I generally thought of as an extraordinary saying, which goes something like â€Å"Governance is the salt of the earth†. I have chosen to apply for a MBA degree since I trust it would direct me in the correct way and give me the aptitudes that I have to enter the universe of business. I have consistently felt that I have the characteristics of a pioneer, and all I need is the information on the best way to execute those characteristics for the headway of any business. I accept that the mix of various fields of study with eagerness is basic for advising. The abilities that I have obtained through my experience give a tenable stage to me to consider advising. In the event that I am allowed the chance to seek after this course, I will apply a similar assurance in finishing it as well as could be expected. In my nation, Saudi Arabia, there is a major idea

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College Application Mistakes You Should Avoid

School Application Mistakes You Should Avoid I met with Jeremy Spencer, previous Director of Admissions at Alfred University, and asked him what he sees as the most well-known botches made by school candidates. The following are six errors he experiences much of the time. 1. Missing Deadlines The school affirmations process is loaded up with cutoff times, and missing a cutoff time can mean a dismissal letter or lost money related guide. A run of the mill school candidate has many dates to recall: Application cutoff times which shift from school to schoolEarly activity and early choice cutoff times, if applicableInstitutional money related guide deadlinesFederal monetary guide deadlinesState budgetary guide deadlinesScholarship cutoff times Understand that a few schools will acknowledge applications after the cutoff time in the event that they have not yet filled their new class. Be that as it may, budgetary guide might be a lot harder to get late in the application procedure. (Become familiar with senior year cutoff times.) 2. Applying for Early Decision When It’s Not the Right Choice Understudies who apply to a school through Early Decision ordinarily should sign an agreement expressing that they are applying to simply the one school early. Early Decision is a confined confirmations process, so it's anything but a decent decision for understudies who aren’t extremely sure that the Early Decision school is their first decision. A few understudies apply through Early Decision since they figure it will improve their opportunity of confirmation, yet in the process they wind up confining their alternatives. Likewise, if understudies disregard their agreement and apply to more than one school through Early Decision, they risk being expelled from the candidate pool for deluding the foundation. While this isn't the arrangement at Alfred University, a few schools share their Early Decision candidate records to ensure understudies haven’t applied to different schools through Early Decision. (Find out about the contrast between early choice and early activity. ) 3. Utilizing the Wrong College Name in an Application Essay Naturally, numerous school candidates compose a solitary confirmations paper and afterward change the name of the school for various applications. Candidates need to ensure the school name is right wherever it shows up. The affirmations officials won't be intrigued if a candidate starts by examining the amount she truly needs to go to Alfred University, however the last sentence says, â€Å"R.I.T. is the best decision for me.† Mail consolidate and worldwide supplant can’t be depended on 100% candidates need to rehash every application cautiously, and they ought to have another person edited also. (Learn more tips for the application paper.) 4. Applying to a College Online Without Telling School Counselors The Common Application and other online alternatives make it simpler than any time in recent memory to apply to universities. Numerous understudies, be that as it may, tragically submit applications online without advising their secondary school direction advocates. Advocates assume a significant job in the application procedure, so keep them separate from the circle can prompt a few issues: Secondary school transcripts are postponed or never get mailedLetters of proposal from educators are deferred or never get sentThe school affirmations choice procedure gets wasteful and delayedApplications wind up being fragmented in light of the fact that the guide can’t catch up with the universities 5. Standing by too Long to Even think about asking for Letters of Recommendation Candidates who hold up until the last moment to request letters of proposal run the hazard that the letters will be late, or they won't be intensive and attentive. To get great letters of proposal, candidates ought to recognize educators early, talk with them, and give them however much data as could be expected about each program to which they are applying. This permits instructors to create letters that coordinate an applicant’s specific qualities with explicit school programs. Letters composed finally once in a while contain this kind of valuable particularity. (Become familiar with getting great letters of suggestion.) 6. Neglecting to Limit Parents’ Involvement Understudies need to self-advocate during the confirmations procedure. The school is conceding the understudy, not the student’s mother or father. It’s the understudy who needs to assemble a relationship with the school, not the guardians. Helicopter parentsthose who continually hoverend up doing an injury to their kids. Understudies need to deal with their own undertakings once they get to school, so the affirmations staff needs to see proof of this independence during the application procedure. While guardians ought to positively be engaged with the school affirmations process, the understudy needs to make the associations with the school and complete the application. Jeremy Spencer’s Bio: Jeremy Spencer filled in as the Director of Admissions at Alfred University from 2005 to 2010. Before AU, Jeremy filled in as the Director of Admissions at Saint Joseph’s College (IN) and different confirmations level situations at Lycoming College (PA) and Miami University (OH). At Alfred, Jeremy was answerable for both the undergrad and graduate affirmations process and regulated 14 expert confirmations staff. Jeremy earned his BA degree (Biology and Psychology) at Lycoming College and his MS qualification (College Student Personnel) at Miami University.

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How Coaches Help ADHD Students Cope With School

How Coaches Help ADHD Students Cope With School ADHD School Print How Coaches Help ADHD Students Cope With School The Edge Foundation describes their approach to ADHD coaching for teens By Keath Low Keath Low, MA, is a therapist and clinical scientist with the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at the University of North Carolina. She specializes in treatment of ADD/ADHD. Learn about our editorial policy Keath Low Updated on January 18, 2018 ADHD Overview Symptoms Causes Diagnosis Treatment Living With In Children Hero Images / Getty Images The high school and college years can be a particularly challenging time for a young person, especially for one with ADHD. These students are making the transition to adulthood, and independence, responsibilities, and expectations are increasing. Luckily, there are a growing number of support systems and programs that can be put in place to help students with ADHD. One of these is an ADHD coach. The Edge Foundation is a program that provides coaching for this age group. To help understand more about ADHD coaching in high school and college, I turned to the Edge Foundation staff for answers. High School Student With ADHD Edge Foundation Staff: Being a teen is tough. Being a teen with ADHD is even harder! Regular tasks, like homework, often feel harder than they should. Students with ADHD often have to work harder and longer than other people do in school and have to make an extra effort to communicate with their family and friends. Kids with ADHD can feel even more alienated and at sea than most teens, putting them at risk for dropping out, drug use and risky behavior. College Students With ADHD Edge Foundation Staff: The new independence combined with the academic demands of college life is tough for most students. But for students with ADHD, these challenges can feel overwhelming. Students become completely responsible for how they use their time. They are expected to attend classes and study each day without a teacher or parent to help them stay on track. They organize their own schedules, choose friends and social activities, and figure out when, how much, and even how to study. Major Challenges for High School and College Students With ADHD Edge Foundation Staff: There are seven major areas that most students with ADHD struggle with: SchedulingGoal SettingConfidence BuildingOrganizingFocusingPrioritizingPersisting at Tasks What Is ADHD Coaching And How Can It Help? Edge Foundation Staff: ADHD coaching is a rapidly growing field. The International Coach Federation currently boasts 12,000 members. Thats up from just over 2,000 members eight years ago. The reason for this growth is that people are recognizing the benefits of life coaching in their pursuit of career and life goals. Academic coaching at the college level is already recognized as an effective tool. At some colleges and universities, staff have been trained to serve as part-time coaches to help students with academics. Duke University, Landmark College, and the University of North Carolina, for example, offer on-campus coaching to students. Other institutions have experimented with peer coaching. A few for-profit companies are offering coaching across the country to college freshmen as a way to increase students academic success and colleges student retention rates. Professional and personal coaching is a highly effective intervention and support mechanism. When combined with other more traditional approaches, including medication and therapy, coaching will help students with ADHD to achieve their full potential in academic, social and other life pursuits. Coaching strategies are tailored to individual student needs to make the most of their strengths. A coach is not a doctor or teacher but rather an advocate who works with you to help you manage life to the fullest. Students and their coaches talk regularly and check in about academic and personal pursuits. Coaches can help identify strategies to stay organized, utilize your time well, and stay on track in your classes. A coach can help remind you to make good choices and take care of yourself emotionally and physically. A coach also can help you improve the relationships in your life with friends, peers, professors, and family members. Your coach is there to talk to, strategize with, and advocate for you as long as you need. Typical Coaching Session Edge Foundation Staff: At the Edge Foundation coaches have 30-minute individual sessions a week with their students during the 10-month academic school year. Aside from these 40 sessions, coaches may also communicate with students via email and phone throughout the week. Because coaching can be done over the phone and via email, it’s not necessary to meet with your coach in person. What’s more important is finding a coach who is qualified in meeting the needs of teens and young adults. Why Should Parents Consider an ADHD Coach for Their Child? Edge Foundation Staff: A coach can help provide a steady guidance during a time where a young person’s job is to break away from their parents and forge out on their own. The same young adult that won’t listen to their parents’ advice may be able to hear what they need to do from an ADHD coach. Coaching can mean the difference between success and failure for students with ADHD.

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A Case Of New Migrant Crisis And Its Impact On Central And...

SUBJECT: PROPOSED MILITARY OPTIONS IN CASE OF NEW MIGRANT CRISIS 1. INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE. President of the Republic of Croatia will participate at the regional Conference on possible new migration crisis and its impact on Central and South-East Europe. The Conference will focus on (1) new security environment in the southern neighborhood, including North Africa and Middle East, (2) security challenges to European countries affected by the previous migration crisis in 2015, and (3) to address possible more synchronized and coordinated actions and responses dealing with new crisis. As part of the preparation for the Conference, the National Security Council meeting is scheduled at the beginning of February 2017. According to the†¦show more content†¦One of the lessons learned from 2015 migration crisis shows a connection between the migrants entering Europe and terrorist attacks in Europe (Brussels, Paris, and Nice). There is a concern that terrorist, radical and criminal groups can easily recruit or hide their followers in between the immigrants or displaced persons to easily enter the European countries and potentially increase the threat of terrorist attacks. According to the intelligence estimates , it is expected that Europe will face approximately 15 million migrants from North and Central Africa, as well as from Middle East and Asia in next three to five years. Currently, only in Turkey there are approximately 3 million of refugees and displaced persons, mostly from Syria and Iraq. Migrants will continue to use three Mediterranean Sea routes (Eastern, Central, and Western), as well as the Western Balkans route, because these are also the shortest routes towards the Western Europe. European Union developed a comprehensive strategy and is implementing its migration policy, including internal and external actions, such as: the EU-Turkey statement, Partnership Framework, Valletta Action Plan, External Investment Plan and etc. The key lessons learned include the need for all EU actors to work in a coordinated manner with the EU and its Member States combining their financial and human resources and theirShow MoreRelatedEthnic And Cultural Diversity : A Global Scale, Asia Minor ( The Eastern Half )1747 Words   |  7 Pagesagglomerations since the ancient times. Migration to Europe (the Western Half) by land (as the primary means of migration) would have to be around the Black Sea and the north being too cold, a route through Istanbul became a natural choice. Istanbul as a fortress-city was established in the 6th century B.C. on the Thracian side (another name for Western region). The city gained in expanse to both sides as trade through water in region grew. Initial migrants from Anatolia (another name for Eastern region)Read MoreDecision Concerning The Syrian Refugee Crisis1345 Words   |  6 Pagesconcerning the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the problem continues to grow in other parts of the world. This past November, the U. N. reached out to America, asking the country to honor their traditions and accept Syrian Refugees into the county to set an example for the rest of the world (Oren). However, fear of attack has made many countries more cautious and more likely to close their doors to Syrian refugees. Also, because America is taking so long to intervene, places such as Europe, North Africa and AsiaRead MoreEconomic Contribution of Migrant Workers in Bangladesh1469 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Bangladesh is located in South Asia. It is the seventh most populous country in the world and is mostly densely inhabited. The poverty level, however, has fallen by more than 20%, helped by its prominent agricultural sector. The Bangladeshi economy is helped by its big garment sector, which contributes more than two-thirds of the country’s trade. The major challenge to prosperous growth is the vulnerability of the land to cyclones and floods. However, even with such challenges, BangladeshRead MoreEssay on The Impact of the Remittances in Latin America1400 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica migration and remittances have become structural features in the economy, the society, and in the political environment; due to the underdevelopment and inequality of the region. Because they relative importance, trends in migration and the impact of remittances in population of Latin America are the main topics that we will analyze in this research focusing on reduction of poverty and inequality . This research will aim to answer the next: Do remittances finance development in the regionRead MoreIn What Ways Can Organized Labor Constrain the Strategic Choices of an International Business? How Can an International Business Limit These Constraints?8367 Words   |  34 PagesSTUDENT: (PRINT CLEARLY)FAMILY NAME OTHER NAME(S) | COURSE: | NAME OF LECTURER:Mr SanjikaPerera | RECEIVED BY: | TITLE/TOPIC OF ASSIGNMENT:Group assignment – global financial crisis | â€Å"I certify that the attached assignment is my own work and that any material drawn from other sources has been fully acknowledged†. 22/05/2012Signed †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ DateRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesAutotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History Eric Sandweiss, St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Sam WineburgRead MoreThe Factors Affecting The Economy Of Developing Countries Essay2323 Words   |  10 Pagesback in their home countries during crisis even when their own situation is not that good. While the foreign aid and lending tend to be unavailable at some point. The determinants and role of remittances in Kenya tend to be a little mystery. Though common sense would suggest that remittances are larger for countries with a larger diaspora or when the diaspora is located in wealthier countries and that remittances act as a fender. This study will investigate the impact of diaspora remittances on the economicRead MoreGlobalization and the Destruction of the Philippines2113 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction In January 1995, the Philippines joined the globalized trade, and since then Philippines lost its rich culture and land, economic globalization had a colossal negative impact to the nation. The Philippines is in an upheaval, as economic growth from globalization has caused an immense social gap and distress in the nation’s health system. One can argue that economically, it is flourishing due to foreign currency remittance, but the Philippines still lags behind its Southeast Asian neighboursRead MoreTourist Destination Essays3443 Words   |  14 Pagesto their tourists. In this assignment I will produce a report on tourist destination of United Kingdom and compare it with China. As well as compare what appeals the visitors like at a current leading tourist destination, and how they impact on world economy. East needs West International tourism There may be several types to attracting the move of tourists towards a particular area, for example natural assets, towns or cities, culture or even events. We can analyze the movement of touristRead MoreAids Awareness3713 Words   |  15 Pagesapproaches, applied quickly enough with courage and resolve, can and do result in lower national HIV infection rates and less suffering for those affected by the epidemic. Globally, we have learned that if a country acts early enough, a national HIV crisis can be averted. It has also been noted that a country with a very high HIV prevalence rate will often see this rate eventually stabilise, and even decline. This indicates, among other things, that people are beginning to change risky behaviour patterns

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Apple Swot Free Essays

Apple SWOT In the 2011 Fortune 500 rankings Apple finished 35th, jumping from the 56th position it established the year before. As of January 2012 Apple surpassed Exxon to become the largest Corporation in the world. Apple’s rapid climb from virtual bankruptcy in 1996 is an incredible story. We will write a custom essay sample on Apple Swot or any similar topic only for you Order Now (Eberhard) Strengths: The products The company’s reputation as an innovator Strong, loyal following Control over applications and operating systems Brand Awareness Weaknesses – Apple’s â€Å"All In† philosophy has some drawbacks – for example, my Windows phone will not sync on my Macbook. This perceived â€Å"if you’re not one of us, you are one of them† mindset makes new converts to Apple products wary. Apple doesn’t â€Å"fail† often but when they do it makes major headlines. Apple Maps served to show how big of a blunder one Apple branded failure can really be. (Goldman). The lack of forethought into the iPad. No matter how great of a success – and it certainly is – Microsoft’s Surface’s screen size and inclusion of USB ports and a keyboard is going to make the next generation of the iMac – which could very well be a super charged iPad with all the required ports and a new OS – make Apple look like it is playing catch up instead of leading the innovation themselves. Closed source applications and operating system Brand perceived as â€Å"elitist† Diversity of products Cost of product vs. competitors Over saturation (iPhone) Opportunities – Apple is readying a Pandora like streaming music service and Apple TV could change the way we view our programing much in the same way the iPod and iTunes revolutionized the music business. Music streaming service Apple TV Shifting more production to US factories The Chinese Market yet to be fully tapped Integration with automakers Threats – Basically everyone who isn’t Apple – Google/Android, Microsoft/Windows 8, Samsung, the list goes on – if you plug it in and talk, listen touch, type, or surf on it and it isn’t an Apple, it is a threat to Apple. Apple’s threats come from all directions because Apple not only produces product, it also produces all of the operating systems for it’s product and tightly controls what content outside vendors can sell on the App Store. Changes in economy Changes in marketplace Chinese labor controversies Google’s Android OS Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Surface tablet Windows retail stores http://www. heavy. com/news/2012/12/google-maps-returns-to-iphone/ http://robeberhard. com/? page_id=130 Samsung SWOT Samsung was founded in 1938 as a fish and vegetable grocer. After the Korean War, Samsung’s assets were divested and the grocery business was laid to rest. In 1969 SEC, the Samsung Electronic Corporation was created, beginning the Samsung as we know them today. Samsung now produces televisions, mobile phones, tablet computers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, MP3 players, cameras and semiconductors. Over the years as they acquired new business and branched out into new ventures they have been subject to a variety of lawsuits involving copyright infringement, including those with watchmaker Rolex, mobile phone maker Ericsson and most recently Apple Computer. Apple recently surpassed Samsung to take the number one spot in marketshare in the mobile phone category. Tinari) Samsung’s partnership with Google has provided a consistent OS (operating system) for it’s mobile devices with Android. Android is an â€Å"open source† operating system, which, unlike Apple’s, allows for third party users to openly contribute application and programs without company interference or oversight. While this gives users a wider variety of applications, there is no quality control over them, nor is there a way for Samsung to provide the customer service often required of these applications as Samsung has no part in their creation and distribution. Samsung recently won one of many lawsuits with Apple over the design of their popular Galaxy tablet. The recently released Microsoft Surface tablet and the Kindle Fire are Samsung’s largest non-Apple competition in this market, however there are a number of super low cost tablets coming out of China that are also relying on the Android OS. These low cost, low quality tablets are forcing Samsung to advertise more aggressively to assure they are not lumped into this sub group of iPad knock offs. Strengths: Wide range of products Multiple partnerships with other brands, particularly Google and their Android operating system Growing marketshare High brand value Open source operating system Weaknesses: Lack of control over product once it’s partners become involved Slow to release new product Lack of focus on one core product Lower price means lower perceived quality Complaints of not being â€Å"user friendly† Opportunities: Open more retail outlets Partnership with new brands means more innovation Reintroduce phones with more user friendly interface Capitalize on Apple’s failures Provide more customer service Threats: Continuing legal battle with Apple over copyright infringement Low cost competition in the tablet market Emulation phones with Android OS weaken Samsung’s image Microsoft’s Surface tablet Windows Retail stores Changes in marketplace Changes in economy image: www. businessweek. com image: www. talkandroid. com image: www. obamapacman. com http://www. intomobile. com/2013/02/01/apple-grabs-34-mobile-market-share-passing-samsung-become-1/ http://www. businessweek. com/articles/2012-07-03/samsungs-smartphone-pitch-fuels-mobile-ad-boom http://www. talkandroid. com/154223-samsung-ramped-up-advertising-in-2012-outspent-apple-by-68-million/ http://obamapacman. com/2010/11/fail-samsung-galaxy-tab-flash-pop-up-ad-annoys-cnn-users/ How to cite Apple Swot, Papers

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The injustice of Frankensteins actions Essay Example

The injustice of Frankensteins actions Paper Contained in the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly, is the twisted substance of greed, the character Victor Frankenstein portrays the element of control. Felling the need for this he builds an entirely new breed of creature, without thinking much for the consequences. During the time in which this novel was written, there was a great surge in the realms of science. Many new discoveries were made and scientists were taking more and more dangerous risks in the hope of opening the door on the unknown. In my view, Shelly had written this novel as more of a warning than a story. I believe that she was trying to impose responsibility upon the scientists for what it was they were meddling with and also to try and persuade them to think before they act. Shelly demonstrates these emotions through two characters, Frankenstein and the creation. Each character gets the opportunity to express their feelings and tell their stories in the novel. The first character that has the opportunity to tell their story is Frankenstein, in chapter 5. Shelly sets the scene with close attention to the weather, It was on a dreary night of November here Shelly is using pathetic fallacy to reflect the mood. The same is evident in chapter 11, when the creature is telling his story, It was dark when I awoke; I felt cold also These descriptions of the weather and the environment around them reflect their moods. Frankenstein feels worn down and tired as is reflected by Shellys use of the word dreary. The creature on the other hand feels cold and alone as reflected by dark and cold. We will write a custom essay sample on The injustice of Frankensteins actions specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The injustice of Frankensteins actions specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The injustice of Frankensteins actions specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This contrast shows us a big difference in their relationship. Frankenstein remembers the night as being tiring and an effort, the creature however feels a child-like sense of isolation, as if he was without love or companion, this is adverse to practical thought, one would normally perceive that Frankenstein would adore and love his creation after all the effort and hard work he had gone through to create him. Frankenstein spends much of chapter 5 talking about himself and only himself, I rushed out of the room, I had desired it, I had finished and I had created. The vast majority of his story begins each sentence with the personal pronoun, I. This gives us the impression that he is very self obsessed and does not give much thought to other events happening around him, in particular the creature. He describes the creature, How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe but he never gives any thought to mortality or the aesthetics of the creature or the responsibility it will impose upon him. It is as if he feels the creature will owe him a life time of gratitude and service and that the creature will be his possession to command, this relates back to Frankensteins craving for power. This is much the contrary to the creatures account; he spends the bulk of chapter 11 describing his surroundings and what is going on around him. I gazed with a kind of wonder despite he still uses the pronoun, I in this quotation, he is describing the world around him and is not describing himself. It is also filling the creature with joy, much unlike the when Frankenstein describes the creature, His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath. One obvious similarity between the two chapters is that both characters are aiming to persuade and both use persuasive language as much as possible. Frankenstein uses it to justify his actions, Oh! No mortal could support the horror of that countenance whereas the creature uses it to provoke sympathy, poor, helpless, miserable wretch and I sat down and wept.

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Biography of Michelle Obama, U.S. First Lady

Biography of Michelle Obama, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama  (born January 17, 1964) was the first African-American first lady and the wife of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States and the first African-American to serve as president. She is also a lawyer, the former vice president of community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center, and a philanthropist. Fast Facts: Michelle Obama Known For: First Lady of the United States, wife to 44th President Barack ObamaBorn: January 17, 1964 in Chicago, IllinoisParents:  Marian Shields and Fraser C. Robinson IIIEducation: Princeton University (BA in sociology), Harvard Law School (JD)Published Works: BecomingSpouse: Barack Obama (m. October 3, 1992)Children: Malia (born in 1998) and Natasha (known as Sasha, born in 2001) Early Life Michelle Obama (nee Michelle LaVaughn Robinson) was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, the second of two children of Chicagoans Marian Shields and Fraser C. Robinson III. She describes her parents as important early role models in her life, whom she proudly identifies as working class. Her father, a city pump operator and Democratic precinct captain, worked and lived with multiple sclerosis; his limp and crutches did not affect his abilities as the family breadwinner. Michelles mother stayed home with her children until they reached high school. The family lived in a one-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a brick bungalow on Chicagos south side. The living room- converted with a divider down the middle- served as Michelles bedroom. Michelle and her older brother Craig, now an Ivy League basketball coach at Brown University, grew up hearing the story of their maternal grandfather. A carpenter who was denied union membership due to race, Craig was shut out of the citys top construction jobs. Yet the children were taught they could succeed despite any prejudices they might encounter over race and color. Both children were bright and skipped second grade. Michelle entered a gifted program in sixth grade. From their parents, who had never attended college, Michelle and her brother learned that achievement and hard work were key. Education Michelle attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicagos West Loop, graduating in 1981. Although she was discouraged from applying to Princeton by high school advisors who felt her scores werent adequate, she was accepted and graduated from the college with honors and a bachelors degree in sociology and a minor in African-American studies. She was one of very few black students attending Princeton at the time, and the experience made her acutely aware of the issues of race. After graduation, she applied to Harvard Law School and once again faced bias as college counselors tried to talk her out of her decision. Despite their doubts, she matriculated and excelled, obtaining her J.D. in 1985. Professor David B. Wilkins remembers Michelle as forthright: She always stated her position clearly and decisively. Career in Corporate Law After graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle joined the law firm of Sidley Austin as an associate specializing in marketing and intellectual property. In 1988, a summer intern who was two years older than she by the name of Barack Obama came to work at the firm, and Michelle was assigned as his mentor. They married in 1992 and later had two daughters, Malia (born in 1998) and Natasha, known as Sasha (born in 2001). In 1991, the death of her father from complications related to MS caused Michelle to re-evaluate her life; she subsequently decided to leave corporate law to work in the public sector. Career in Public Sector Michelle first served as assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daly; later she became assistant commissioner of planning and development. In 1993 she founded Public Allies Chicago, which provided young adults with leadership training for public service careers. As executive director, she headed up a nonprofit named by President Bill Clinton as a model AmeriCorps program. In 1996, she joined the University of Chicago as Associate Dean of Student Services and established its first community service program. In 2002, she was named the University of Chicago Hospitals executive director of community and external affairs. Balancing Career, Family, and Politics Following her husbands election to the U.S. Senate in November 2004, Michelle was appointed Vice President of Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center in May 2005. Despite Baracks dual roles in Washington, D.C., and Chicago, Michelle did not consider resigning from her position and moving to the nations capital. Only after Barack announced his presidential campaign did she adjust her work schedule; in May 2007 she cut her hours by 80 percent to accommodate the needs of the family during his candidacy. Although she resists the labels feminist and liberal, Michelle Obama is widely recognized as outspoken and strong-willed. She has juggled career and family as a working mother, and her positions indicate progressive ideas on the roles of women and men in society. First Lady Michelles husband Barack was elected U.S. president in November 2007. During her first term as first lady, Michelle spearheaded the Lets Move! program, a concerted effort intended to reduce childhood obesity. Although it has been difficult to gauge the success of the program overall, her efforts led to the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2010, which allowed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set new nutritional standards for all food sold in schools for the first time in more than 30 years. During Barack Obamas second term, Michelle focused on the Reach Higher Initiative, which aimed to help students identify future careers and enable them to complete coursework past high school- whether its at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university.  That initiative continues, with a focus on school counselor training, raising awareness about college access tools, and social media outreach and flagship events such as College Signing Day. Post-White House Since the Obamas left the White House in January 2016, Michelle worked on and published her memoir Becoming, published in November 2018. She has also worked on the Global Girls Alliance, an education project intended to help provide tens of millions of adolescent girls worldwide who were not given a chance to finish high school; Global Girls is an outgrowth of Let Girls Learn, which she started in 2015 and left with the White House. She has actively supported the Chicago-based Obama Foundation charity, and been a spokesperson for When We All Vote, to increase voter registration. Sources: Obama, Michelle. 2018. Becoming. New York: Crown, 2018.Saulny, Susan. Michelle Obama Thrives in Campaign Trenches. New York Times, 14 February 2008.Bennetts, Leslie. First Lady in Waiting. VanityFair.com, 27 December 2007.Gewertz, Catherine. Michelle Obamas Reach Higher Initiative Merges With the Common Application. Education Week Blog High School Beyond, 27 September 2018.  Ross Johnson, Steven. Gauging the public health value of Michelle Obamas Lets Move campaign. Modern Healthcare, 23 August 2016.Rossi, Rosalind. The woman behind Obama. Chicago Sun-Times, 22 January 2008.Slevin, Peter. Michelle Obama: A Life. New York: Vintage Books, 2015.Michelle Obama’s vacation is over. Now she’s claiming her own spotlight. The Washington Post, 11 October 2018.

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Great Expectations Essay

Great Expectations Essay Great Expectations Essay Great Expectations Essay Writing Great Expectations essay you should not ignore the importance of keeping the standard academic format.   It means that your Great Expectations should open with an introduction followed by a detailed body and end with a concise and relevant conclusion.   Below is the short sample Great Expectations essay. If you want to have an essay written especially for you, you may order customized essay writing help. Our writers will write your Great Expectations essay in accordance to requirements and instruction provided by you.   No late deliveries and no plagiarism! writers are responsible and educated. Check our writing guide for free sample essays and term papers. Great Expectations Essay Sample The distinctive comedy in Great Expectations is the result of the multitude of collisions. The major collisions shock Pip into realizing that he is an intruder. The pervasiveness of collisionscharacters battering each other with their private languages, objects senselessly asserting themselves against each other, parts of bodies assaulting one anothercreate the real anxiety. The distinctive terror in Great Expectations comes from the discovery that the world in which Pip finds himself an intruder is not homogeneous, that the forces directed against him are infinite and infinitely different. Dickens did not sustain his comic terror to the extent of any of the more modern writers I am discussing, probably because he was much more optimistic about the possibilities for social progress. Yet what makes Great Expectations far more than a piece of social satire is that he so thoroughly interrelated the social and natural orders, showing them both to be parts of the same capricious and heterogeneous process. There is no way of telling whether Pip's nightmare is reality or his response to reality, whether it is the result of an unjust and menacing social system or whether the social system is unjust and menacing because of natural human drives. Miss Havisham, the weird goddess figure who proves not to be a goddess; Magwitch, the figure of natural and social menace who turns out to embody Fortune; Orlick, the figure of irrational evil, brought to life, as it were, by the accident of Pip's continuing good fortune; and Joe, the figure of unreasoning goodnessall collide with Pip as members of society, but they are also projections of Pip's natural desires and possibilities. Some of the most important collisions in the novel externalize conflicting inner drives, and these are related to collisions in the outer reality of Society and Nature. Pip is so entangled in and excluded from such a thoroughly chaotic world that there is no basis for distinguishing between the psychological and the physical, the individual and the social. The two-dimensional point of view is not just the conjunction of youth and age, but of perspectives that are simultaneously rebellious and adjustive. Although the story moves toward the adjustive, a deep sense of the reality he created kept Dickens at first from writing a happy ending. And even in the revised ending, written as a concession to popular taste, there is a strain of ambivalence based on the impossibility of harmony or final adjustment in the world of Great Expectations. Great Expectations Essay: Custom Writing The above sample of Great Expectations essay is written here with the hope to assist you with starting your own essay.   If writing an essay is a real challenge for you, if you do not want to spend hours researching and writing, you may freely order professional essay writing assistance at our site.   Our prices are affordable and our writers are truly experienced.   No other site is able to provide you with fully referenced and 100% plagiarism free essay!

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Social Media and technology have had a positive effect on Teens and Research Paper

Social Media and technology have had a positive effect on Teens and Students - Research Paper Example According to (Charlie)â€Å"Man has worked hard to improve technology consistently to do various tasks fast and effectively†. It is a wide known fact that, everyone in this world is influenced by social media and technology. However the most people affected positively by social media and technology are the teenagers and students. Now that every activity in the world is controlled by social media and technology, its impact on teenager and student is worth appreciating. Since teenagers and students are continuously exposed to social media instruments and hi –fi technological gadgets, their very life is overly tuned according to it. If we look at the most influential social media which affects the teenagers and students positively, then we can name it as internet and cell phones. Social media is a phenomenon where in the people are able to communicate with each other predominantly with the use of online and technical communicative instruments. Even though, television, radio and newspaper do communicate with people in different ways, the effect which internet and mobile has on people is potential and humongous. Social media can be explained as the various online services available to people like social networking sites, web conferencing services, online chat services, forums and so on. Man being a social creature has always been inventive with regard to socializing methods. And ultimately through a long struggle and adventure, he has reached a point where things work on the movement of his fingertip. Now the whole world moves with the aid of social media and it has made the life of people more enjoyable, entertaining, creative and progressive. Social media is all about sharing thoughts and ideas, collaborating and joining together to be more creative and artistic, being commercial and vigorous, active conducting of debates and arguments, friend seeking and

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Othello Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Othello - Essay Example Othello totally believes in the concept of love with full commitment and nobility. He believes in the absolutes. lago subscribes to no particular thought and believes least in human beings. The book’s popularity can also be traced to its modern nature. At the core of intrigue is the very realisation that the play is matter of a private life affair than the other great tragedies. This impression is supported in a number of ways. Othello is a depiction of modern life as the drama depicts contemporary life. The characters appear very close to the readers than in Hamlet or Lear. Many people will realise that Othello employs a sense of beauty that is not available in most plays of the time. Of Shakespeare’s plays, Othello stands out in one important respect: beauty. The play employs much steady rhythm, peculiar phrase and a sense of serious imagination which blend together to create a lucid and clear feeling in the mind of the reader. Indeed, this beauty is only evidenced in two other plays i.e. Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra. However, Othello has another form of beauty. Except for the brief trivial section of the clown, everything is much attached to the central issue and nothing requires any solid justification. At best, the drama has a dense of intellectual beauty which fulfils the aspiration for order and harmony between the different parts and the whole. At the same time, the book glows with much moral beauty. We see the figure of Desdemona in a love situation which is not affected even in the worst of events. A sense of incompleteness in the play gives way to innumerable cases of men at odds with one another. Several ‘parts’ exist in the play which create the wholeness albeit with some incompleteness. lago appears universal, because he represents many things at a single instance. His style and temper make him become the villain of the melodrama. He

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Modern Retail On Traditional Formats Scm Applications Marketing Essay

Modern Retail On Traditional Formats Scm Applications Marketing Essay Indian retail industry has always played an important role in improving the GDP growth rate and lifestyle of the country. The industry which traditionally comprised on mom and pop stores spread hither and thither is in the revolutionary phase in the present era. The way retailing is done has come a long way with the emergence of organised or modern retail outlets. There are big players like Big Bazaar, Spencers and Vishal Mega Mart to name a few who have changed the face of retailing in India. These modern retail outlets have enormous financial and technological support as compared to the traditional and unorganised retail outlets. An attempt is made in this paper to study the evolving formats of modern retail and to know their impact on the traditional distribution partners like retailers and distributors. This paper also throws light on the supply chain management tools used by the modern retail outlets through case analysis. Impact of Modern Retail on Traditional Formats SCM Applications Abstract Indian retail industry has always played an important role in improving the GDP growth rate and lifestyle of the country. The industry which traditionally comprised on mom and pop stores spread hither and thither is in the revolutionary phase in the present era. The way retailing is done has come a long way with the emergence of organised or modern retail outlets. There are big players like Big Bazaar, Spencers and Vishal Mega Mart to name a few who have changed the face of retailing in India. These modern retail outlets have enormous financial and technological support as compared to the traditional and unorganised retail outlets. An attempt is made in this paper to study the evolving formats of modern retail and to know their impact on the traditional distribution partners like retailers and distributors. This paper also throws light on the supply chain management tools used by the modern retail outlets through case analysis. Introduction to Indian Retail Industry Indian Retail industry, the industry which stands second in terms of employment generation after agriculture is undoubtedly characterized by the widely dispersed retail outlet situated at each nook and corner whether its urban India or rural. It is the industry which is unlikely known for its unorganized formats. Paanwalas and kiranawallas, street hawkers present everywhere are the various firms operating hither and thither; and meeting the basic needs of the general public and creating a means of earning livelihood for many. In India, the retail industry is broadly divided into the organized and unorganized sectors. The total market in 2005 stood at Rs. 10,000 billion, accounting for about 9-10% of the countrys gross domestic product (GDP). Of this total market, the organized sector accounted for Rs. 350 billion (about 3.5 % of the total) of the total revenues. According to AT Kearney, the organized retailing industry is expected to cross Rs. 1000 billion revenue mark by 2010. Tradi tionally, the retail industry in India comprised of large, medium and small grocery stores and drug stores which could be categorized as unorganized retailing. Most of the organized retailing in India had recently started and was mainly concentrated in metropolitan cities. Within a short span of five years retail sector in India has witnessed great changes mainly on account of a gradual increase in the disposable incomes of the middle and upper-middle class households. In order to reap the benefit of growing economy more and more corporate houses including large real estate companies are coming into the retail business, directly or indirectly, in the form of mall and shopping center builders and managers, hence the sea change in retail sector is highly evident. Indian Organized retail Sector and the Major Players: The Industrial Policy Resolution, 1991 has given a new tool known as LPG i.e. Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization which resulted in several structural and demographic changes of the Indian Economy. These changes marked the beginning of the new era of Retailing in India and helped the retail industry to grow. Besides this last decade has witnessed the growth of GDP at the rate of 6.6 per cent, resulting in increased income levels and higher purchasing power for the population. Though the early signs of organized retail were visible even in the 1970s when Nilgiris (food), Viveks (consumer durables) and Nallis (sarees) started their operations but the retail still had a long way to go. While these retailers gave the necessary ambience to customers, little effort was made to introduce world-class customer care practices and improve operating efficiencies. Moreover, most of these modern developments were restricted to south India, which is still regarded as a Mecca of Indian Retail. Turn around in Indian retail has taken place in various phases and the journey is still in continuation. Notable among the early entrants were players like Shoppers Stop, Pantaloon, Ebony, Foodworld, Subhiksha, etc.   Thus one can easily make out that the major players of organized retail sector in India are: Figure 1 The Study Research Problem: The aim of this paper is to study the emergence of modern retail and its impact on traditional channel partners like retailer and distributors. The research problem can be formulated in terms of following questions: What are new retail formats? What supply chain management tools are employed by modern retail? What impact these outlets will have on retailers and distributors? The provide answers to these questions, the objectives of the study are: To study the emerging retail formats To study the impact of modern retail outlets on the traditional distribution system To study the variety of SCM tools employed by the modern retail formats To analyze the role of SCM application in modern retails formats Research Methodology: To gather the required information for this study, both secondary and primary source of data was used. Active primary data was collected from the retailers and distributors in both the cities through structured personal interviews. The information other than this was collected through traditional secondary sources like journals, news articles, websites and books. The scope of the study is limited to the two cities Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, India. These cities differ in terms of their population, demographics, size and volume of business and the marketing strategies used by the non-durable and durable goods manufactures in two different cities. Further they are un-researched in this aspect. Sample profile of respondents: The data was collected from the various types of retail formats dealing in consumer non-durable and durable goods like tooth paste, soap, chocolates, cold drinks, refrigerators, mobile phones and televisions. The inclusion criterion was the availability of the products chosen for the study. Following tables describe the sample profile: Sample of Dealers/Retailers Sample Descriptors Profile of Durable Goods Dealers Profile of Non-Durable Goods Retailers Sample Size (N) 50 Retailers/Dealers 50 Retailers Area Moradabad and Delhi Moradabad and Delhi Retail Format Multi Brand Outlets, Exclusive and Dealers cum distributors General Store / Provisional store Confectionary Store, Supermarket, and Departmental Store Inclusion Criteria Availability of Products Availability of Products Table 1.1 Sample of Distributors Sample Descriptors Profile of Distributors Profile of Distributors Sample Size (N) 30 Distributors 15 Distributors Area Moradabad and Delhi Moradabad and Delhi Brands HUL-5, Godrej-3, Cadbury-4, Pepsi-4, Coke-4, ITC-5, Pillsbury-3, Nestle-2 Sony-1, LG-2, Samsung-2, Nokia-2, Motorola-2, Neelkamal-2, Supreme-2 and Whirlpool-2 Inclusion Criteria Availability of Products Availability of Products Table 1.2 Emerging Retail Formats in India India is watching resurgence of Retail sector whereby it has grown from the traditional Mom and Pop stores present here and there in the neighbourhood catering to the convenience of the consumers to the emergence of shopping centers mainly in urban centers with facilities like car parking and finally growth of modern retail formats like hyper and super markets trying to provide customer with 3 Vs- Value, Variety and Volume (Lakshmi Narayanaswamy, Mudit Sharma,). A brief description of the various modern formats of retailing emerging in India: i. Malls: Malls are an upcoming trend in retail market. They form largest share of organized retailing today. Located mainly in metro cities, in proximity to urban outskirts. Ranges from 60,000 sq ft to 7,00,000 sq ft and above. They lend an ideal shopping experience with an amalgamation of product, service and entertainment; all under a common roof. Examples include DLF City Center, The Metropolitan and Big Bazaar around Delhi, Crossroads and R-Mall in Mumbai and Spencers in Chennai are revolutionizing the way middle class Indian consumers shop. These malls have very efficient and effective supply chains which ensure product availability and tracking of the product is feasible easily. ii. Specialty Stores: A specialty store concentrates on a limited number of complementary merchandise categories and provides a high level of service in an area typically under 8,000 square feet (Levy, Michael 2006); Chains such as the Bangalore based Kids Kemp, the Mumbai books retailer Crossword, RPGs Music World and the Times Groups music chain Planet M, are focusing on specific market segments and have established themselves strongly in their sectors. Since this format has less diverse product range thus it is comparatively easy to manage supply chains. iii. Discount Stores: According to Levy and Weitz a Discount Store is a retailer that offers a broad variety of merchandise, limited service, and low prices. Discount stores offer both private labels and national brands, but these brands are typically less fashion-oriented than brands in department stores. The discount stores or factory outlets, offer discounts on the MRP through selling in bulk reaching economies of scale or excess stock left over at the season. The product category can range from a variety of perishable/ non perishable goods. The coverage of products in this kind of format is quite extensive and the demand fluctuation is also high thus if offers challenges in managing supply chains effectively. iv. Department Stores: Levy and Weitz defines Department stores as the retailers that carry a broad variety and deep assortment, offer some customer services, and are organized into separate departments for displaying merchandise. These are the large stores ranging from 20000-50000 sq. ft, catering to a variety of consumer needs. They can be further classified into localized departments such as clothing, toys, home, groceries, etc. Departmental Stores are expected to take over the apparel business from exclusive brand showrooms. Among these, the biggest success is K Rahejas Shoppers Stop, which started in Mumbai and now has more than seven large stores (over 30,000 sq. ft) across India and even has its own in store brand for clothes called Stop!. It is one of the most complicated retail formats catering to the most diversified set of consumer needs. It becomes very difficult to manage the inventory of so many products and brands. v. Supermarkets: As defined by Food Marketing Institute Supermarket is self-service food store with grocery, meat and produce department and minimum annual sales of 2 million. In India, there is growing number of such stores especially in metros and big cities (Anjali, Gupta 2006). These are located in or near residential high streets. These stores today contribute to 30% of all food grocery organized retail sales. Super Markets can further be classified in to mini supermarkets typically 1,000 sq ft to 2,000 sq ft and large supermarkets ranging from of 3,500 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft. having a strong focus on food grocery and personal sales. vi. Hyper Market: Combination food and drug stores average 4,600 square meters of selling space. Hyper markets are even larger, ranging between 7,400 and 20,400 square meters. The Hyper markets combines supermarket, discount and warehouse retailing principles. Its product assortment goes beyond routinely purchased goods and includes furniture, large and small appliances, clothing and many items. The basic approach is bulk display and minimum handling by stores personnel, with discounts offered to customers who are willing to carry heavy appliances and furniture out of the stores. Pantaloon Retail India Ltd. (PRIL) is now emerging as Indias first Hyper Market chain. Modeled along the lines of global Hyper Market Chains like Wal-Mart, the Big Bazaar will stock several product categories. vii. Convenience Stores: These are relatively small stores 400-2,000 sq. feet located near residential areas. They stock a limited range of high-turnover convenience products and are usually open for extended periods during the day, seven days a week. Prices are slightly higher due to the convenience premium. viii. MBOs: Multi Brand outlets, also known as Category Killers, offer several brands across a single product category. These usually do well in busy market places and Metros. Supply Chain Management Tools Employed by Modern Retail Formats: The rate at which transformation is taking place in Indian Retail Sector is unprecedented; the entire retail sector is under going sea changes. The organized retail sector is no doubt having a vast ocean of opportunities in front of it but it possesses certain challenges too. The task of an effective and efficient retailer is to satisfy the customer at the right time with the right product at the right cost, all the time. The challenges that a retail organization faces are many like: huge stock-keeping units (SKUs), seasonal variations of product lines necessitating the introduction of new SKUs, complex tax structures, the sheer geographic spread of the country, changing consumer demands, etc. This level of efficiency calls for retail automation and integrated supply chain management on the part of retailer and a retail organization has to plan to make this system work properly and try to satisfy the needs of every customer without fail. The discovery of automatic identification technologies has been a boon to retailing; they were first introduced globally in the 1960s to assist logisticians identify products in the supply chain. Following are the recent developments in the technologies to trace the goods in the supply chain: i. Barcodes Multi-dimensional barcodes: Corporations have become obsessed with driving down logistics-related costs, including transportation and warehousing. In order to facilitate the movement of goods in transit and to reduce the cost of transportation and to ease the process all most all items in a distribution centre are marked with UPC barcode. In fact, Walmarts buying office has a sign reading, If Your Product Doesnt Have a Barcode, Dont Bother to Take a Chair in Our Waiting Room. Even in India the Retailers in organized sector are beginning to barcode all their products; organizations like Foodworld (RPG Group) and Shoppers Stop (Raheja Group) have urged their vendors to supply merchandise only with standard barcodes. ii. RFID: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an early technology starting to emerge. In order to stop the pilferage of goods in over crowded retail stores this technology plays a great role. It is expected that in coming few decades, RFID will directly connect physical products to logistics systems as the only truly automatic identification technology. This technology helps to track the product and customers use pattern even post-purchase. P G currently tags (RFID) a small number of cases and pallets of products as part of a trial with Wal-Mart stores in USA. The company is focusing on the supply chain and has not even begun to think about whats going to happen to the items post-sale. iii. Retail Software: Most retailers in the organized sector in India have to use retail software in their back end and front end operations and are constantly looking to upgrade their systems as they evolve. To help this growing retail sector get the best, many Indian software companies have developed software packages to suit the different and varied requirements of these retailers. Among the few who are in. the market is Chennai-based Polaris Retail InfoTech Ltd, a subsidiary of Polaris, which has entered the market with its software, Retail Excel. Reputed organizations like Wipro Infotech, Tata Consultancy Services and NCR Technologies have created robust, retail automation software. The Chennai-based T.V. Sundaram Iyengar Sons are currently test-marketing their new point-of-sale system for small and medium retailers in grocery and other related segments. The Bangalore ­ based VMoksha Technologies has developed software for the retail segment while Pune-based Zensar Technologies has tied up with th e RPG group for retail software. The list of that developing retail software is growing by the day. There are many other packages like MS Retail, Shopper, Retail Pro, Retail Magik, etc. that help enable the fast implementation of retail automation in India available in the market. Not to mention large ERP packages like IDA, SAP Retail, BAAN, Island Pacific, etc. Analysis and Findings Impact of Modern Retail Outlets on Traditional Distribution System: The number of modern retail outlets is growing day by day. The customers show shopping preference for these outlets but the extent to which they will influence the traditional retail is uncertain. There are certain categories of products which customers prefer to shop from the modern retail outlets. While the customers still prefer neighbourhood retail stores for their daily groceries and requirements. The analysis of the data collected from traditional channel partners is: The data was collected by the traditional retailers dealing in non-durable products in Delhi and Moradabad to know the impact of modern retail on their business. It was observed that in Moradabad 70% of the retailers feel that the impact of modern retail formats will be important and they too need to work on their formats to meet the customer and companies requirement. Other 20% said it is going to have average influence on their business and it can be cope-up whereas 10% retailers were of the view that it will not have influence on their business. They also opined that they are in operation from last so many years and facilities like home delivery and credit which they provide to their customers are not provided by these new formats. While retailers in Delhi were of different opinion, 15% retailers pointed out that modern format have already influenced their business highly and their sales have decreased by 50% and other 40% said that the influence is important on their business and they need to react accordingly. Around 40% retailers said that it is having average influence whereas 5% retailers located in the residential areas said that the influence of the modern formats is unimportant for their business. Figure 2 The data collected from the durable products dealers also reveals the mixed response towards the growth of modern retail outlet. In Moradabad 70% of the dealers said the impact of modern retail will be important and they too need to work on their formats to meet the customers expectations and companies requirements. Other 30% retailers were of the view that the facilities like home delivery and credit which they provide to their customers will help in marginalizing the impact of new formats. While dealers in Delhi were of different opinion, 15% dealers pointed out that modern format have already influenced their business highly and their sales have decreased by 50%. Other 40% said that the influence is important on their business and they need to react accordingly whereas 5% retailers located in the residential areas said that the influence of the modern formats is insignificant on their business. Impact of Modern Retail on Traditional Retail Outlets 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Highly Important Important Average Unimportant Importance Percentage Moradabad Delhi Figure 3 Apart from retailers, modern retail outlets also have influence on the distributors. It was observed from the data collected by the non-durable distributors that 70% distributors of different non-durable brands under consideration said that the impact of the modern retail formats on their business is going to be moderate as they are the one who supply to these formats. But other 20% said that the big modern retail outlets make purchases directly from the companies thus their will be significant impact. While other 10% feels that the impact is going to be high. Figure 4 Majority of the distributors dealing in consumer durables like Mobile Phones said that the impact of modern retail is going to be high because outlets like Big Bazaar, Subhiksha have already started procuring directly from the companies and they pass on the margins to the customers. While for products like CTVS, refrigerators and moulded furniture the impact is going to be moderate and distributors can provide better geographical coverage and inventory turnover. They also shared that may be in near future, the companies seeking advantage of reducing the distribution margin through direct supply to these outlets can lead to have moderate impact on their business. Impact of Modern Retail on Durable Goods Distributors 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Very High High Moderate Low Very Low Degree/Products Responses Mobiles T.V./Refrigerators Moulded Furniture Figure 5 Case-Study Analysis of SCM Applications in Modern Retail- (a) TANISHQ Tanishq is a division of Titan Industries Ltd, Indias largest jewelry maker. It is Indias only fine jewellery brand with a national presence, and an acknowledged leader in the branded jewellery market. Tanishq is sold exclusively through a company-controlled retail chain with over 60 boutique stores spread over 39 cities. This network is supplied and supported by a network of 32 CFAs (Clearing and Forwarding Agents). With the network of boutique stores poised to grow, the Tanishq management had to increase visibility along the supply chain, CFAs and boutiques across the country. The Tanishq team picked Wipro Infotech, Indias premier IT solutions company, to put together the solution. The Wipro Infotech team designed a web-based solution, Goldmine, to facilitate the flow of information between various distribution entities. Goldmine offers a platform for the sales, management and factory teams of Tanishq to monitor key activities and parameters along the distribution chain. It also se rves as an integration platform to pull together existing information systems in the company such as SAP/Oracle, DOS-based point-of-sales systems in boutiques, without modifications. Wipro Infotech developed the solution using the .NET framework with an ASP .NET presentation layer. Challenges addressed: The most significant supply chain management issues addressed by Tanishq are in the areas of reducing cycle time, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs in the areas of tracking movement of goods and sales indenting, order status, sales visibility, communication (reports) and exception reporting. Goods in transit: The new system provides details of goods that have been dispatched from the factory to the CFA and then to the boutiques. This functionality also enables tracking of stock return cases from the boutiques to the CFA. And from there on to the factory. This helps the organization track goods in transit and monitor loss of goods effectively if any. Indenting: The ordering of goods by the boutiques is automated. They can refer to online product catalogues and price lists before placing orders. Goldmine enables online indenting for replenishment, shop-specific indenting as well as customer-specific indenting. Such online indenting is based on norms set by the administrator for each variant. Hence, the company can enforce prudent credit norms through Goldmine at the point ­ of-sale system. Say a boutique has a great track record, selling Rs 20,000 ­25,000 worth of bangles, but not up to the Rs 50,000 level it had reached in the past, the company can set prudent indenting levels for gold for that boutique. This information is transmitted to the point-of-sale system via Goldmine and is actually enforced. Previously, under the manual system, the company had no means of systematic enforcement of such norms. . Order status: This functionality provides visibility on the status of orders placed by boutiques. This is made possible by the daily synchronization between the Oracle system at the factory and the web-based solution. Boutique users no longer have to send emails or call up anyone to find out the status of their orders. They get it at their own convenience from Goldmine. Sales visibility: With sales information flowing in from the boutique into Goldmine, visibility of sales from each boutique is improved. Management can now track the effectiveness of marketing programmes and promotions at the boutique level, according to category and price band. Bestseller information for all boutiques is currently available on demand. Communication and exception reporting: Goldmine provides a platform for dissemination of information through content uploads, bulletin boards, and so on. Information on local gold rates (the most important component of material cost), market information, promotion scheme details and product catalogues are transmitted in real time. The company has over 40,000 product variants, so this system capability is crucial. The system also provides for discussion on queries raised by users at the boutiques for producing and modifying new and existing products. Discussions between factory users and boutique users are tracked and an escalation mechanism with alerts is in place in case queries are not handled promptly. Future plans: As Goldmine builds up the supply chain database, Tanishq intends to build a data warehousing application enabled with advanced data mining using SQL server. This will facilitate the use of relevant business intelligence in real time in the boutiques during a customer touch. Market leader Tanishq will set its benchmarks in retail automation and its applications for many in the industry to follow in future. (b) SHOPPERS STOP Shoppers Stop has implemented the US-based retail ERP system JDA. JDA facilitates the integration of all retail functions in Shoppers Stop efficiently. Efficiencies in the buying process: It is JDAs merchandise management system that now performs the buying process and merchandise management control practices. Pursuant to range width and assortment plans, purchase orders are issued to suppliers through the central merchandising function. The actual delivery of stocks is then controlled on a weekly basis through the delivery authorization process mechanism. The delivery authorization number acts as a tool to control the overall inventory position. The delivery authorization is issued to vendors on a weekly basis based on the previous weeks actual sales and on the forward sales plan (forecast). The vendors then despatch the goods to the distribution centre based on the purchase order and delivery authorization. Every distribution centre gets a copy of the delivery authorization issued for the week. At the distribution centre support is provided by the warehouse management system (WMS) of JDA, which manages the warehousing function mos t efficiently. The challenges at Shoppers Stop are the spread of the 14 stores across the country in varying large sizes, ranging from 25,000 sq ft to 55,000 sq ft, the large SKU base, etc. Also, it has more than 300 suppliers who supply stocks to three distribution centres, which then redistribute merchandise to the 14 stores. Variety, colour and size of merchandise play a very important role in delivering a great shopping experience to the customer. Profitable growth: Shoppers Stop views SCM as an enabler of profitable growth; it firmly believes that ERP, if used well, can cut costs greatly by reducing cycle times and inventory levels. One of the key drivers of the profit-driven operation is the significant development in the retailer-supplier information integration in the supply chain the emergence of retailer control over the movement of suppliers goods into the retailers distribution centres. This has led to more complex relationships involving suppliers, third-party distributors and retailers through supplier-retailer collaboration where major suppliers and retailers have the opportunity to exchange timely information on consumer demand and put into practice the most appropriate product flows. SCM at Shoppers Stop: SCM at Shoppers Stop coordinates and integrates all activities associated with moving products, services and information into seamless processes linking all the partners in the chain, including the various departments, vendors, transporters and other service providers. The system facilitates perfect supply chain coordination with an able information system that controls all SCM activities. SCM at Shoppers Stop begins and ends with the customer. The guiding philosophy is to improve the organizations performance by managing constraints and uncertainties inherent in the earlier system. The focus is on using new tools and techniques. The first step in SCM is merchandise planning and sourcing. In Shoppers Stop, SCM is seen from a strategic perspective rather than just as an operational issue. Core supply chain issues such as month-end sales peaks, forecasting inaccuracy, constraint-based planning and so on continue to create problems for Indian retailers even after ERP implementation. Many organizations implemented SCM as a tool to contain costs. and identifying means for reducing pressure on margins due to competition. The mindsets of organizations underwent a transformation when they accepted to consider the use of such integrated SCM from end-to ­ end. The first step in SCM is merchandise planning and sourcing. The range width and assortment planning process is used to develop meaningful sales and space plans. The planning process starts six months before the actual beginning of the season to fill an agreed amount of footage with a product that matches customer demand. The challenge is to develop a balanced range which provides the appropriate mix of colour, price, st yling and fabric so that the customer is given the best possible choice at all times. Also on the agenda is having a mix of own-label products and brands in such a way that it aligns with the companys strategic goal of increasing own-la

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The Twilight Saga 3: Eclipse Chapter 6. SWITZERLAND

AS I DROVE HOME, I WASN'T PAYING MUCH ATTENTION TO the road that shimmered wetly in the sun. I was thinking about the flood of information Jacob had shared with me, trying to sort it out, to force it all to make sense. Despite the overload, I felt lighter. Seeing Jacob smile, having all the secrets thrashed out . . . it didn't make things perfect, but it made them better. I was right to have gone. Jacob needed me. And obviously, I thought as I squinted into the glare, there was no danger. It came out of nowhere. One minute there was nothing but bright highway in my rearview mirror. The next minute, the sun was glinting off a silver Volvo right on my tail. â€Å"Aw, crap,† I whimpered. I considered pulling over. But I was too much of a coward to face him right away. I'd been counting on some prep time . . . and having Charlie nearby as a buffer. At least that would force him to keep his voice down. The Volvo followed inches behind me. I kept my eyes on the road ahead. Chicken through and through, I drove straight to Angela's without once meeting the gaze I could feel burning a hole in my mirror. He followed me until I pulled to the curb in front of the Webers' house. He didn't stop, and I didn't look up as he passed. I didn't want to see the expression on his face. I ran up the short concrete walk to Angela's door as soon as he was out of sight. Ben answered the door before I could finish knocking, like he'd been standing right behind it. â€Å"Hey, Bella!† he said, surprised. â€Å"Hi, Ben. Er, is Angela here?† I wondered if Angela had forgotten our plans, and cringed at the thought of going home early. â€Å"Sure,† Ben said just as Angela called, â€Å"Bella!† and appeared at the top of the stairs. Ben peered around me as we both heard the sound of a car on the road; the sound didn't scare me – this engine stuttered to a stop, followed by the loud pop of a backfire. Nothing like the purr of the Volvo. This must be the visitor Ben had been waiting for. â€Å"Austin's here,† Ben said as Angela reached his side. A horn honked on the street. â€Å"I'll see you later,† Ben promised. â€Å"Miss you already.† He threw his arm around Angela's neck and pulled her face down to his height so that he could kiss her enthusiastically. After a second of this, Austin honked again. â€Å"‘Bye, Ang! Love you!† Ben shouted as he dashed past me. Angela swayed, her face slightly pink, then recovered herself and waved until Ben and Austin were out of sight. Then she turned to me and grinned ruefully. â€Å"Thank you for doing this, Bella,† she said. â€Å"From the bottom of my heart. Not only are you saving my hands from permanent injury, you also just spared me two long hours of a plot-less, badly dubbed martial arts film.† She sighed in relief. â€Å"Happy to be of service.† I was feeling a bit less panicked, able to breathe a little more evenly. It felt so ordinary here. Angela's easy human dramas were oddly reassuring. It was nice to know that life was normal somewhere. I followed Angela up the stairs to her room. She kicked toys out of the way as she went. The house was unusually quiet. â€Å"Where's your family?† â€Å"My parents took the twins to a birthday party in Port Angeles. I can't believe you're really going to help me with this. Ben's pretending he has tendonitis.† She made a face. â€Å"I don't mind at all,† I said, and then I walked into Angela's room and saw the stacks of waiting envelopes. â€Å"Oh!† I gasped. Angela turned to look at me, apologies in her eyes. I could see why she'd been putting this off, and why Ben had weaseled out. â€Å"I thought you were exaggerating,† I admitted. â€Å"I wish. Are you sure you want to do this?† â€Å"Put me to work. I've got all day.† Angela divided a pile in half and put her mother's address book between us on her desk. For a while we concentrated, and there was just the sound of our pens scratching quietly across the paper. â€Å"What's Edward doing tonight?† she asked after a few minutes. My pen dug into the envelope I was working on. â€Å"Emmet's home for the weekend. They're supposed to be hiking.† â€Å"You say that like you're not sure.† I shrugged. â€Å"You're lucky Edward has his brothers for all the hiking and camping. I don't know what I'd do if Ben didn't have Austin for the guy stuff.† â€Å"Yeah, the outdoors thing is not really for me. And there's no way I'd ever be able to keep up.† Angela laughed. â€Å"I prefer the indoors myself.† Angela rolled her eyes at me. â€Å"See you at school,† I said with a nervous laugh. She sighed. â€Å"See you.† I was jumpy on the way out to my truck, but the street was empty. I spent the whole drive glancing anxiously in all my mirrors, but there was never any sign of the silver car. His car was not in front of the house, either, though that meant little. â€Å"Bella?† Charlie called when I opened the front door. â€Å"Hey, Dad.† I found him in the living room, in front of the TV. â€Å"So, how was your day?† â€Å"Good,† I said. Might as well tell him everything – he'd hear it from Billy soon enough. Besides, it would make him happy. â€Å"They didn't need me at work, so I went down to La Push.† There wasn't enough surprise in his face. Billy had already talked to him. â€Å"How's Jacob?† Charlie asked, attempting to sound indifferent. â€Å"Good,† I said, just as casual. â€Å"You get over to the Webers'?† â€Å"Yep. We got all her announcements addressed.† â€Å"That's nice.† Charlie smiled a wide smile. He was strangely focused, considering that there was a game on. â€Å"I'm glad you spent some time with your friends today.† â€Å"Me, too.† I ambled toward the kitchen, looking for busy work. Unfortunately, Charlie had already cleaned up his lunch. I stood there for a few minutes, staring at the bright patch of light the sun made on the floor. But I knew I couldn't delay this forever. â€Å"I'm going to go study,† I announced glumly as I headed up the stairs. â€Å"See you later,† Charlie called after me. If I survive, I thought to myself. I shut my bedroom door carefully before I turned to face my room. Of course he was there. He stood against the wall across from me, in the shadow beside the open window. His face was hard and his posture tense. He glared at me wordlessly. I cringed, waiting for the torrent, but it didn't come. He just continued to glare, possibly too angry to speak. â€Å"Hi,† I finally said. His face could have been carved from stone. I counted to a hundred in my head, but there was no change. â€Å"Er . . . so, I'm still alive,† I began. A growl rumbled low in his chest, but his expression didn't change. â€Å"No harm done,† I insisted with a shrug. He moved. His eyes closed, and he pinched the bridge of his nose between the fingers of his right hand. â€Å"Bella,† he whispered. â€Å"Do you have any idea how close I came to crossing the line today? To breaking the treaty and coming after you? Do you know what that would have meant?† I gasped and his eyes opened. They were as cold and hard as night. â€Å"You can't!† I said too loudly. I worked to modulate the volume of my voice so Charlie wouldn't hear, but I wanted to shout the words. â€Å"Edward, they'd use any excuse for a fight. They'd love that. You can't ever break the rules!† â€Å"Maybe they aren't the only ones who would enjoy a fight.† â€Å"Don't you start,† I snapped. â€Å"You made the treaty – you stick to it.† â€Å"If he'd hurt you -â€Å" â€Å"Enough!† I cut him off. â€Å"There's nothing to worry about. Jacob isn't dangerous.† â€Å"Bella.† He rolled his eyes. â€Å"You aren't exactly the best judge of what is or isn't dangerous.† â€Å"I know I don't have to worry about Jake. And neither do you.† He ground his teeth together. His hands were balled up in fists at his sides. He was still standing against the wall, and I hated the space between us. I took a deep breath, and crossed the room. He didn't move when I wrapped my arms around him. Next to the warmth of the last of the afternoon sun streaming through the window, his skin felt especially icy. He seemed like ice, too, frozen the way he was. â€Å"I'm sorry I made you anxious,† I muttered. He sighed, and relaxed a little. His arms wound around my waist. â€Å"Anxious is a bit of an understatement,† he murmured. â€Å"It was a very long day.† â€Å"You weren't supposed to know about it,† I reminded him. â€Å"I thought you'd be hunting longer.† I looked up at his face, at his defensive eyes; I hadn't noticed in the stress of the moment, but they were too dark. The rings under them were deep purple. I frowned in disapproval. â€Å"When Alice saw you disappear, I came back,† he explained. â€Å"You shouldn't have done that. Now you'll have to go away again.† My frown intensified. â€Å"I can wait.† â€Å"That's ridiculous. I mean, I know she couldn't see me with Jacob, but you should have known -â€Å" â€Å"But I didn't,† he broke in. â€Å"And you can't expect me to let you -â€Å" â€Å"Oh, yes, I can,† I interrupted him. â€Å"That's exactly what I expect -â€Å" â€Å"This won't happen again.† â€Å"That's right! Because you're not going to overreact next time.† â€Å"Because there isn't going to be a next time.† â€Å"I understand when you have to leave, even if I don't like it -â€Å" â€Å"That's not the same. I'm not risking my life.† â€Å"Neither am I.† â€Å"Werewolves constitute a risk.† â€Å"I disagree.† â€Å"I'm not negotiating this, Bella.† â€Å"Neither am I.† His hands were in fists again. I could feel them against my back. The words popped out thoughtlessly. â€Å"Is this really just about my safety?† â€Å"What do you mean?† he demanded. â€Å"You aren't . . .† Angela's theory seemed sillier now than before. It was hard to finish the thought. â€Å"I mean, you know better than to be jealous, right?† He raised one eyebrow. â€Å"Do I?† â€Å"Be serious.† â€Å"Easily – there's nothing remotely humorous about this.† I frowned suspiciously. â€Å"Or . . . is this something else altogether? Some vampires-and-werewolves-are- always-enemies nonsense? Is this just a testosterone-fueled -â€Å" His eyes blazed. â€Å"This is only about you. All I care is that you're safe.† The black fire in his eyes was impossible to doubt. â€Å"Okay,† I sighed. â€Å"I believe that. But I want you to know something – when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I'm out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. Jacob is family. You are . . . well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence. I don't care who's a werewolf and who's a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too.† He stared at me silently through narrowed eyes. â€Å"Switzerland,† I repeated again for emphasis. He frowned at me, and then sighed. â€Å"Bella . . . ,† he began, but he paused, and his nose wrinkled in disgust. â€Å"What now?† â€Å"Well . . . don't be offended, but you smell like a dog,† he told me. And then he smiled crookedly, so I knew the fight was over. For now. Edward had to make up for the missed hunting trip, and so he was leaving Friday night with Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle to hit some reserve in Northern California with a mountain lion problem. We'd come to no agreement on the werewolf issue, but I didn't feel guilty calling Jake – during my brief window of opportunity when Edward took the Volvo home before climbing back in through my window – to let him know I'd be coming over on Saturday again. It wasn't sneaking around. Edward knew how I felt. And if he broke my truck again, then I'd have Jacob pick me up. Forks was neutral, just like Switzerland – just like me. So when I got off work Thursday and it was Alice rather than Edward waiting for me in the Volvo, I was not suspicious at first. The passenger door was open, and music I didn't recognize was shaking the frame when the bass played. â€Å"Hey, Alice,† I shouted over the wailing as I climbed in. â€Å"Where's your brother?† She was singing along to the song, her voice an octave higher than the melody, weaving through it with a complicated harmony. She nodded at me, ignoring my question as she concentrated on the music. I shut my door and put my hands over my ears. She grinned, and turned the volume down until it was just background. Then she hit the locks and the gas in the same second. â€Å"What's going on?† I asked, starting to feel uneasy. â€Å"Where is Edward?† She shrugged. â€Å"They left early.† â€Å"Oh.† I tried to control the absurd disappointment. If he left early, that meant he'd be back sooner, I reminded myself. â€Å"All the boys went, and we're having a slumber party!† she announced in a trilling, singsong voice. â€Å"A slumber party?† I repeated, the suspicion finally settling in. â€Å"Aren't you excited?† she crowed. I met her animated gaze for a long second. â€Å"You're kidnapping me, aren't you?† She laughed and nodded. â€Å"Till Saturday. Esme cleared it with Charlie; you're staying with me two nights, and I will drive you to and from school tomorrow.† I turned my face to the window, my teeth grinding together. â€Å"Sorry,† Alice said, not sounding in the least bit penitent. â€Å"He paid me off.† â€Å"How?† I hissed through my teeth. â€Å"The Porsche. It's exactly like the one I stole in Italy.† She sighed happily. â€Å"I'm not supposed to drive it around Forks, but if you want, we could see how long it takes to get from here to L.A. – I bet I could have you back by midnight.† I took a deep breath. â€Å"I think I'll pass,† I sighed, repressing a shudder. We wound, always too fast, down the long drive. Alice pulled around to the garage, and I quickly looked over the cars. Emmett's big jeep was there, with a shiny canary yellow Porsche between it and Rosalie's red convertible. Alice hopped out gracefully and went to stroke her hand along the length of her bribe. â€Å"Pretty, isn't it?† â€Å"Pretty over-the-top,† I grumbled, incredulous. â€Å"He gave you that just for two days of holding me hostage?† Alice made a face. A second later, comprehension came and I gasped in horror. â€Å"It's for every time he's gone, isn't it?† She nodded. I slammed my door and stomped toward the house. She danced along next to me, still unrepentant. â€Å"Alice, don't you think this is just a little bit controlling? Just a tiny bit psychotic, maybe?† â€Å"Not really.† She sniffed. â€Å"You don't seem to grasp how dangerous a young werewolf can be. Especially when I can't see them. Edward has no way to know if you're safe. You shouldn't be so reckless.† My voice turned acidic. â€Å"Yes, because a vampire slumber party is the pinnacle of safety conscious behavior.† Alice laughed. â€Å"I'll give you a pedicure and everything,† she promised. It wasn't so bad, except for the fact that I was being held against my will. Esme brought Italian food – the good stuff, all the way from Port Angeles – and Alice was prepared with my favorite movies. Even Rosalie was there, quietly in the background. Alice did insist on the pedicure, and I wondered if she was working from a list – maybe something she'd compiled from watching bad sitcoms. â€Å"How late do you want to stay up?† she asked when my toenails were glistening a bloody red. Her enthusiasm remained untouched by my mood. â€Å"I don't want to stay up. We have school in the morning.† She pouted. â€Å"Where am I supposed to sleep, anyway?† I measured the couch with my eyes. It was a little short. â€Å"Can't you just keep me under surveillance at my house?† â€Å"What kind of a slumber party would that be?† Alice shook her head in exasperation. â€Å"You're sleeping in Edward's room.† I sighed. His black leather sofa was longer than this one. Actually, the gold carpet in his room was probably thick enough that the floor wouldn't be half bad either. â€Å"Can I go back to my place to get my things, at least?† She grinned. â€Å"Already taken care of.† â€Å"Am I allowed to use your phone?† â€Å"Charlie knows where you are.† â€Å"I wasn't going to call Charlie.† I frowned. â€Å"Apparently, I have some plans to cancel.† â€Å"Oh.† She deliberated. â€Å"I'm not sure about that.† â€Å"Alice!† I whined loudly. â€Å"C'mon!† â€Å"Okay, okay,† she said, flitting from the room. She was back in half a second, cell phone in hand. â€Å"He didn't specifically prohibit this . . . ,† she murmured to herself as she handed it to me. I dialed Jacob's number, hoping he wasn't out running with his friends tonight. Luck was with me – Jacob was the one to answer. â€Å"Hello?† â€Å"Hey, Jake, it's me.† Alice watched me with expressionless eyes for a second, before she turned and went to sit between Rosalie and Esme on the sofa. â€Å"Hi, Bella,† Jacob said, suddenly cautious. â€Å"What's up?† â€Å"Nothing good. I can't come over Saturday after all.† It was silent for a minute. â€Å"Stupid bloodsucker,† he finally muttered. â€Å"I thought he was leaving. Can't you have a life when he's gone? Or does he lock you in a coffin?† I laughed. â€Å"I don't think that's funny.† â€Å"I'm only laughing because you're close,† I told him. â€Å"But he's going to be here Saturday, so it doesn't matter.† â€Å"Will he be feeding there in Forks, then?† Jacob asked cuttingly. â€Å"No.† I didn't let myself get irritated with him. I wasn't that far from being as angry as he was. â€Å"He left early.† â€Å"Oh. Well, hey, come over now, then,† he said with sudden enthusiasm. â€Å"It's not that late. Or I'll come up to Charlie's.† â€Å"I wish. I'm not at Charlie's,† I said sourly. â€Å"I'm kind of being held prisoner.† He was silent as that sunk in, and then he growled. â€Å"We'll come and get you,† he promised in a flat voice, slipping automatically into a plural. A chill slid down my spine, but I answered in a light and teasing voice. â€Å"Tempting. I have been tortured – Alice painted my toenails.† â€Å"I'm serious.† â€Å"Don't be. They're just trying to keep me safe.† He growled again. â€Å"I know it's silly, but their hearts are in the right place.† â€Å"Their hearts!† he scoffed. â€Å"Sorry about Saturday,† I apologized. â€Å"I've got to hit the sack† – the couch, I corrected mentally – â€Å"but I'll call you again soon.† â€Å"Are you sure they'll let you?† he asked in a scathing tone. â€Å"Not completely.† I sighed. â€Å"‘Night, Jake.† â€Å"See you around.† Alice was abruptly at my side, her hand held out for the phone, but I was already dialing. She saw the number. â€Å"I don't think he'll have his phone on him,† she said. â€Å"I'll leave a message.† The phone rang four times, followed by a beep. There was no greeting. â€Å"You are in trouble,† I said slowly, emphasizing each word. â€Å"Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.† I snapped the phone shut and placed it in her waiting hand. â€Å"I'm done.† She grinned. â€Å"This hostage stuff is fun.† â€Å"I'm going to sleep now,† I announced, heading for the stairs. Alice tagged along. â€Å"Alice,† I sighed. â€Å"I'm not going to sneak out. You would know if I was planning to, and you'd catch me if I tried.† â€Å"I'm just going to show you where your things are,† she said innocently. Edward's room was at the farthest end of the third floor hallway, hard to mistake even when the huge house had been less familiar. But when I switched the light on, I paused in confusion. Had I picked the wrong door? Alice giggled. It was the same room, I realized quickly; the furniture had just been rearranged. The couch was pushed to the north wall and the stereo shoved up against the vast shelves of CDs – to make room for the colossal bed that now dominated the central space. The southern wall of glass reflected the scene back like a mirror, making it look twice as bad. It matched. The coverlet was a dull gold, just lighter than the walls; the frame was black, made of intricately patterned wrought iron. Sculpted metal roses wound in vines up the tall posts and formed a bowery lattice overhead. My pajamas were folded neatly on the foot of the bed, my bag of toiletries to one side. â€Å"What the hell is all this?† I spluttered. â€Å"You didn't really think he would make you sleep on the couch, did you?† I mumbled unintelligibly as I stalked forward to snatch my things off the bed. â€Å"I'll give you some privacy,† Alice laughed. â€Å"See you in the morning.† After my teeth were brushed and I was dressed, I grabbed a puffy feather pillow off the huge bed and dragged the gold cover to the couch. I knew I was being silly, but I didn't care. Porsches as bribes and king- sized beds in houses where nobody slept – it was beyond irritating. I flipped off the lights and curled up on the sofa, wondering if I was too annoyed to sleep. In the dark, the glass wall was no longer a black mirror, doubling the room. The light of the moon brightened the clouds outside the window. As my eyes adjusted, I could see the diffused glow highlighting the tops of the trees, and glinting off a small slice of the river. I watched the silver light, waiting for my eyes to get heavy. There was a light knock on the door. â€Å"What, Alice?† I hissed. I was on the defensive, imagining her amusement when she saw my makeshift bed. â€Å"It's me,† Rosalie said softly, opening the door enough that I could see the silver glow touch her perfect face. â€Å"Can I come in?†